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Sumit Maitra

What is special about his teaching:
(i) Years of experience taking students through the complexities of JEE (Main/Advanced), India's premiere Engineering Entrance Exam.
(ii) Attractive teaching style punctuated with wit and humor - students feel at ease in minutes.
(iii) An alumnus of India's premiere Engineering college, Jadavpur University - his technical background enables him to make the most out of his online classes.

Pooja Maitra

What is special about her teaching:
(i) 17 Years of experience guiding students in Mathematics
(ii) A very patient teacher who effortlessly inspires confidence in students.
(iii) Has a rich repertoire of challenging problems which are so useful in building a strong base for her students.
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Arindam Ghosh

What is special about his teaching:
(i) An exceptional teacher of Chemistry for JEE
(ii) Uses his specialization in Organic Chemistry to help students master this important section of the syllabus
(iii) One of the reasons for his success is his rich variety of problem solving classes.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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Shreya Bhattacharya

What is special about her teaching:
(i) Teaches Biology through innovative diagrams
(ii) Very attractive style of teaching
(iii) Is well  versed in dealing both CBSE & ICSE Board matter.
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